Worthy Host provides premium web hosting services, helping clients get their websites online and offering online solutions for growing their business. Along with excellent customer support 24/7/365 our goal is to make sure your site is always up and running allowing your site to be in front of people searching for your products or services.

We’re based in Fort Myers, Florida starting in 2007 we now host thousands of customers worldwide. We strive to be flexible with our clients and the services that they may need to grow their business in a affordable way. We know that choosing a web host can be a bit of a challenge, and we want to eliminate the confusion for you and make hosting your website as simple as possible. Our simple order form and easy to use control panel have all been created to help you.

With Worthy Host Pricing Packages, you can rest assured that your bill will remain the same every month or every year, staying free of unexpected charges. With many hosting companies you will find that they are constantly trying to upsell you on many other services that you may not need to run your business, you won’t find that here. Our goal is to offer the most cost efficient web hosting platform for your needs.